Crime Does Not Pay 61, 1947

Crime Does Not Pay 61, 1947

Lev Gleason's Crime Does Not Pay had some great covers, but artist Charles Biro's work don't have the immediate visual impact of a cover like, say, Crime SuspenStories 22. Biro's covers usually have a lot of word balloons cluttering up the cover, but the overwrought dialogue does help set the scene. And this particular scene is certainly disturbing! Ruthless home invaders terrorize the family - check out the little kid holding onto his mother while she clutches her face in fear. And those fugitives really have some nerve! Here's the dialogue:
Old guy: Go ahead Clay! You don't scare me! If you think pushing me around is going to change my feelings... UGH!!

Convict #1: This is only a taste of what you'll get if you try to cross us! We've got to stay off the roads for a week, an' you're gonna see that we're comfortable!

Old lady: Go away! Go away! We don't want you!

Convict #2: You're gonna treat us like visitin' royalty - fer instance this steak... I like it rubbed with garlic an' medium rare!

And to think that such a scene would occur in front of the framed motto "Home, Sweet Home"!